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All About WordPress: Get Instant WordPress Help From Experts!

Updated on November 5, 2014

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Editor’s Note: We thank Nile Flores for this blog contribution.

all about wordpress

WordPress is ready to use out of the box. However, even with all the tutorials and tips out there to use WordPress, you have to learn it. Unfortunately, there are people out there who have a rough time learning WordPress for whatever reason. A lot of times, the tutorials out there don’t think of the average user, and that’s where communities like All About WordPress help out.

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All About WordPress caters to newbie users, power users, social media marketers, designers, and even developers. We encourage sharing WordPress content from around the community, but we prefer it not to be self-linking. More on that in a while.

Why All About WordPress Was Started?

WordPress may have been started by one developer back in the b2 cafelog days, but it didn’t thrive with just one person. All About WordPress was started by me, Nile Flores. I’ve been in the WordPress community since its early days. I’m a WordPress designer and developer as well as a professional blogger. I’ve also spoken at more than a dozen WordCamps, the topics directed to users, designers, and developers. With my website,, I’ve built it as an authority site in Blogging, and WordPress—and with that came getting all sorts of questions.

In late 2012, I got to the point being overwhelmed with providing free WordPress support on both Twitter and Facebook. It was then that I realized it was pointless providing this support when it could be shared with the community. This freed up my time for my own business, and gave others the spotlight to answer those WordPress questions that people really needed to know.

While anyone can go to the Support forums, there are a lot of people who just find it easier and faster to ask on Facebook. As a note, I still help in the Support forums, besides All About WordPress.

How Does All About WordPress Operate

Sure, there are quite a few WordPress groups out there, but none is as laser focused as All About WordPress is. If it’s not WordPress, it’s not allowed. For example, if it’s about an SEO related plugin, that’s okay to talk about, but talking about SEO in general is not allowed. It MUST be WordPress related. In fact, for some, it may not be a group for them as we have strict rules about self-linking.

Self-linking is promoting your own content. The group confined self-linking to Wednesdays for an event called #WordPressWednesday due to the fact that some content creators were auto-posting and inundating the group’s wall with posts, rather than creating value to the community.

It’s actually hard to find good and dedicated moderators. Usually I send out a notice to the group and if anyone is interested, they comment. A Moderators must be ACTIVE members for at least 2 months, and still, they can only be considered for moderator if another active member speaks up, or seconds them.

Rules are simple:

  • No self link promotion except on Wednesdays.
  • WordPress related topics ONLY!
  • Be courteous to each other.
  • No selling anything! (including promo deals for other places regardless if it is WordPress)
  • If you are not sure it is suppose to be here, don’t post it. Not sure? Ask.

Moderators pretty much keep the wall clear of off-topic material, and spam. I take care of approving members.

Right now, we don’t have any hangouts or moderator specific groups because the moderators usually contact each other via email or private messaging. All About WordPress has run a successful giveaway in the past, and plans to put together a better knowledge-base file for the group, as well as establish monthly hangouts.

The All About WordPress group is moderated by 8 people, with skill levels all ranging from power user to designer and developer. As of November 1, 2014, the group has reached well over 6,100 members.

Always Keeping The Doors Open

When groups get big, a lot of times, they want to throttle membership or adjust the group settings. All About WordPress remains an Open group. Membership still has to be approved.

As long as members follow the rules, the door is always open. This philosophy also stemmed from the fact that a lot of people who go to WordPress Meetups and WordCamps just go to the event, and then go home. Some forget that there are communities they can fall back on when there’s no monthly meetup, and the next WordCamp is months away. It’s not that they forget about the Support forums, it’s just easier for them to go to Facebook sometimes.

So, the concept of the community is not to replace the Support forums, but to be there as an additional convenient resource. In doing this, All About WordPress also ensures that the WordPress community’s doors are always open for anyone needing help.

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Nile Flores

Nile is a guest author for Cloudways. She is founder and admin of a WordPress community on Facebook called All About WordPress.

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