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Alfresco in the Cloud: Benefits of Alfresco Cloud Hosting

by Cloudways
July 23, 2013

Alfresco has an edge over other CMS; while content management systems like WordPress offer a strong blogging platform, Alfresco gives the power of extensive document collaboration. In fact, it is an enterprise content management (ECM) system. Businesses all over the world are using it for documents and records management and enterprise level collaboration to the extent of internal intranet.


Why is Alfresco Hosting better on the cloud?

Alfresco applications are essentially cloud based—although they can be deployed on-premise as well. Alfresco Cloud Edition (commonly regarded as ‘Alfresco’ in the cloud’) is a highly scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based application. It can be installed on a single server which can be scaled both horizontally and vertically—which is only possible in a cloud-based environment, due to its scalability and reliability. However, this is not the only benefit availed through Alfresco cloud hosting. When compared to traditional options such as dedicated hosting, cloud servers have the upper hand.

Freedom from hardware troubles:

Cloud services are billed on a pay-as-you-go model. You don’t have to buy servers nor is your data is shared along side with other websites. Before cloud computing, most enterprises used to built in-house infrastructure to maintain collaboration and record management. Cloud technology, especially managed cloud hosting, gives enterprises complete freedom from buying new server machines, periodic maintenance and making sure they don’t go down.

Not just that, under in-house infrastructure and dedicated plans, businesses always had to buy more than their requirements. The reason was to cater to traffic spikes or failure of the machine. Contrary to that, cloud hosting provides instant scalability with cloud failover. This means you can start from a small instance and grow your servers according to your needs without worrying about downtime.

Alfresco Integration:

Amazon AWS is undoubtedly the leader and front-runner in public cloud technology. And when it comes to integrating Alfresco with Amazon, the enterprise content management application has made things completely hassle free. The company has rolled out AWS Images (AMIs) that can quickly be launched on an EC2 instance with fully installed Alfresco. This way enterprises can take advantage of virtualization features offered by Amazon i.e. elastic load balancing, auto-scaling, and failover strategies.

Similar integration is available for other platforms/OS such as Salesforce, Redhat and many other cloud compatible apps like Jive, Drupal, Google Docs etc.

The Cloud is more secure:

When it comes to hacking, virus malware protection, cloud servers provide far more security than traditional servers. Think it’s not true? We had already compared security of both in-house infrastructure and cloud environment that too supported by research and findings in one of our previous blog post. A comprehensive application like Alfresco needs to have the full required security that is achievable through cloud hosting or more importantly, managed cloud hosting.

We know Alfresco inside out:

Alfresco makes things easier for businesses by providing a robust ECM platform. Yet the technical issues prevailing the management of Alfresco can take up a lot of time. Cloudways managed services for Alfresco cloud ensures a fully managed server environment with app level support and guaranteed uptime. Contact our sales representative today to start getting the full benefits of Alfresco cloud hosting.

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