How to Add Live Chat Support in WooCommerce

by Mustaasam Saleem  October 25, 2016

Creating an online WooCommerce store isn’t a difficult task. You just need a good WooCommerce hosting provider and install WooCommerce on it.

So, you’ve created an online store. A visitor visits your store, but he is confused. How will he contact you to find a better solution to his query? The most traditional way is to fill the Contact Us form and wait for the store support team to get back. Doesn’t it make you feel sick to wait for hours or even a day to get a response?

However, adding a live chat support can help you to shorten this process and help your customers solve their problems on the spot.

add live chat support in woocommerce

Late responses can result in losing potential customers, whereas the primary focus of an online store is to convert your visitors into potential clients.

To overcome this issue, you need to add live chat support to your WooCommerce store. To do so, you require a plugin that will help your visitors get assistance in the nick of time.

You can find many live chat plugins for WooCommerce in the WordPress repository. However, let me clear the difference between a live chat support in WordPress and live chat support in WooCommerce first.

Live chat in WordPress means that your visitors can start a conversation with basic live chat features. WooCommerce live chat, on the other hand, helps visitors get instant help for your online store. On WooCommerce live chat, the support agent can view visitors cart and much more.

In this tutorial, we’ll be using Live Chat in WooCommerce by Happyfox Chat, a live chat software for websites. It can easily integrate with several web applications, such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Slack, etc.

So Let’s begin!


Below are the most prominent FREE features of Happyfox Chat for WordPress:

  • Unlimited chats
  • Offline Messages
  • 10 Agents
  • Email Transcripts
  • Chat History
  • Multi-lingual support
  • 256-bit Encryption

You can find more details on the features here.

We’ll be using the Premium WooCommerce plugin for our store. You can get a 7-day free trial with full access to all features.

Create Account on HappyFox Chat

First of all, sign up at HappyFox Chat from here and log in to your account. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard. Navigate to Apps from the top right corner and select E-commerce from the left pane. Select WooCommerce from the listed applications.


Start your FREE trial by clicking on Try for 7-days.


You’ll have to fill up certain attributes before you go ahead with integrating HappyFox Plugin to your WooCommerce Store. These attributes are:

  • WooCommerce store URL: Enter your store’s URL
  • Consumer Key: This is the key that we need to generate from our WooCommerce Dashboard
  • Consumer Secret: This can be generated from our WooCommerce Dashboard as well.

Integrate HappyFox WooCommerce on Your Store

You can find HappyFox Chat from the WordPress Plugin Repository as mentioned above.

To do so, log in to your WordPress/WooCommerce admin dashboard. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New. On the top right, search for “HappyFox Chat for WooCommerce.” Find the plugin, Install and Activate it.


Once installed successfully, you’ll see HappyFox Chat on the left pane of your WooCommerce Dashboard. Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> API -> Key/Apps. Click on Add New. You’ll be asked for the description of your API. In our case, we’ll name it HappyFox WooCommerce and click on Generate API Key.


Once generated, you’ll get Consumer Key and Consumer Secret as shown in the image below.



Connect Store With HappyFox Dashboard

We’ve successfully installed HappyFox Chat WooCommerce in our store. Now we need to connect it with HappyFox Dashboard to start the live chat support on our store. Go to your HappyFox Chat Dashboard and enter the details that you generated above. Fill those fields and click on Connect.


If everything is setup correctly, you’ll get a ‘successfully connected’ message, and an API key that needs to be copied to your WooCommerce Dashboard.


Copy the key from and go back to your WooCommerce Dashboard. From the left pane, navigate to HappyFox Chat and paste your key, and click on Change API Key.


Test Plugin

We have succeeded in setting up everything successfully. Now, go to your website and add a few products to the cart and start a chat.


You’ll get a notification on HappyFox Chat Dashboard to accept this chat and start a conversation. Once accepted, you’ll be able to talk with your customers. If a user uses the chatting service repeatedly, you can access his past messages as well.

chat details happyfox

With HappyFox Chat Support plugin, you can see a visitor’s:

  • Location
  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • Cart
  • Past Chats

Add Agents

For now, you can see that we have added only one agent for support. You can add up to 10 agents in the free version. From HappyFox Dashboard, navigate to the Agents tab from the top right corner and select Add Agent. You can add as many agents you want in the premium version.

add agent happyfox chat

Change Appearance

The default appearance and message might not fancy you. However, HappyFox Chat allows you to customize the appearance of your chat box and the default messages sent to customers automatically. Just navigate to the Manage tab from the top right corner and customize it accordingly.



Integrating a live chat support helps you increase sales by converting your visitors into potential customers. Hopefully, this article will assist you in successfully integrating HappyFox Chat. If you have any query regarding setting up a Live Chat Support in WooCommerce online web store, feel free to use the comment section below or by contacting HappyFox Live Chat support directly.

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