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7 Best Practices for Creating an Ecommerce Thank You Page

Updated on January 14, 2018

6 Min Read
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Now that you have earned your customer’s trust and you are among credible sellers, you can easily convince your clients to keep purchasing from you. And when they make a purchase, they are most probably redirected to the thank you page. Nice work indeed!

Apparently, things are going hunky dory, but there is no reason for you to sit back and relax just yet.

Ecommerce Thank You Page

Technically speaking, customers who go through the funnel to make a purchase and land on the thank you page are essential elements in expanding your ecommerce business. They made the effort of taking out their credit card and gave some of their valuable money to buy your product. They placed trust in you and your business.

So what’s next?

As an online store owner, you should remember a few important things:

  • Your customers should be your priority. They’re interested in your products; make it count.
  • They trusted you and purchased from your site. Don’t let them down.
  • They might come back to shop, but that depends on the experience they had had during the last shopping spree.

Keeping everything in mind, the post-purchase thank you page, if made correctly, can do wonders for your business. The thank you page serves as an excellent way to capitalize on and make the right connection with the customer.

Let me tell you how to get extra mileage with a thank you page. Here are seven unique ways to nurture your regular customers into loyal patrons.

1. K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Silly)

Yes, in this era of options and attractive offers, people usually forget the genuineness of simplicity. Complexities are a part of life, but why should we agitate our customer’s mind? A cluster of offers, discounts, and subscriptions, on the thank you page can be a disaster, making your prospect confused and not wanting to return.

Remember that today’s customer is easily distracted thanks to a horde of other sellers trying to invade your potential client’s mind as well. Hence, make use of attractive design, use a lot of white space, and make it obvious what you want the prospect to do.

Here is a good example of a simple, yet effective, thank you page:

Thanks Page

The image above is the thank you page for an eBook named “25 Website Essentials for Driving Traffic, Leads, and Sales.” This a great example to follow and you can see that the page is simple, has lots of white spaces, and not too much text.

2. Give Users a Download Button

In case you want the buyer to download a file that can be useful for future references, you need to provide a prominent download button on the page. This download button, if placed precisely, can help earn the trust of the customer.

“How?” you may ask.


Offer them something that benefits them and they will surely have a look at it.

Here is what you can do:

Download Button

3. A Social Sharing Button

What can a social sharing button do for you?

These sharing buttons encourage new customers to suggest what they purchased to their acquaintances and friends. After making the purchase, customers are usually excited about the product. This is the time when they will be interested in sharing the product they just bought.

The idea of these sharing buttons is to get customers share from your thank you page. This actually works as a free advertising opportunity. Face the facts, it is not cheap to redirect traffic from Facebook or Google ad, you have to pay for every click. On the other hand, visitors from socials are absolutely FREE! Each time your promotion gets a share, you get free traffic.

Here’s a good example of Social sharing buttons done right:

Social Sharing Button

4. Conduct a Small Survey

Another important thing you can do is ask a survey question. Yeah, you might not deem it as a wise idea but come to think of it this way, with some or even one question, you can dissect your customers preferences and what triggers the buying impulse.

This is a tricky step, you need to be specific and precise. No customer would want a long form fill, after making the purchase. For that, just cover the basics well. Like:

  • Which factor convinced you to make the purchase?
  • How can we improve our checkout process?
  • What do you want to buy in future?
  • How can we make our checkout page easy?

Oh Yeah!

You can also redirect a question to another customer that you received. Why?

Answer: Get your customer involved, value their input and let them take lead

Mind it, this is valuable customer feedback. It’s priceless!

Below, is customer survey “nailed it” version:


5. A Referral Program

Generate free word-of-mouth marketing through a referral program. Ecommerce sites are yet to employ this strategy but it can be beneficial. So, how can this strategy work?

Let’s put it this way, if you want people to buy from your e-store, you should offer them something in return if they suggest (refer) the product to someone else. For each successful referral, customers can earn giveaways or coupons.

Referral Program

6. Newsletter Subscription

Ask your customers to subscribe or sign up to your newsletters through your thank you page.
What sorcery is signing up for newsletters?
Newsletters are usually sent to a customer’s email address, informing them about any new update or offers.

Because  newsletters are your ticket to your customer’s inbox, get more newsletter subscriptions. You won’t believe, but email addresses are more important than Twitter or Facebook users. Social media does not affirm if your posts are read or not, but with email, the surety of a post being read is more or less 100%.

Getting the customer to sign up for a newsletter, after the purchase, can make way for a long-term relationship.

Newsletter Subscription

7. Present Helpful Resources

Help your customer with aiding video or blog resources, these resources can be related to the product; product unboxing, product related information. By this, you can make your thank you page more user-friendly and customer centric.

If you want them to have a look at a video, just embed the video on the page. Be it video or a file or anything virtual, do what makes sense. This approach can land some value to your site, giving it a chance to be more lucrative and helpful.

Try something like this:

Helpful Resources

8. Bonus Tip: Include Navigation

Thank you page is the end of a customer’s buying cycle and one of the most common mistakes the ecommerce stores generally make is not adding a proper navigation to the page.

By including navigation to your thank you page, you will increase retention on your website.

One of the worst things you can do on your Thank You page is keeping your audience stranded there. These are people who have just indicated they’re into what you have to offer, which means this is the perfect time to keep them hanging around your site!

At the very least, your Thank You page should include your website’s navigation to allow your audience to stick around and explore your site some more.

That’s a Wrap

Concluding the whole discussion with some important suggestions:

  • An elegant thank you page is the one with simplicity and neatness. Work on it.
  • If you want to make your thank you page attractive, make most of the traffic you get on your website and only implement one of these practices or two (maximum).
  • People usually go through a page at a glance, but there lies a chance that people will scroll to find more information. Try consolidating everything into one page, above the fold. This increases the conversion chances.

Last, But Not The Least!

Your thank you page is your moment to wow your customer’s mind. It is your prime opportunity to be memorable. You can add an attractive thank you video followed by a CTA to share your page, it can work better than a bland thank you.

Think outside the box, it can help 🙂

So, that was about thank you pages, also know how to create product pages that convert.


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