25% Discount on Click&Go Plans by Cloudways

by Cloudways
February 21, 2013

Now with the newest discount promotion of Cloudways on Click&Go Package users all over the world can gain access to all the full-bodied applications and proficient hosting, maintenance and troubleshooting of a full fledge cloud experience on 25% discount. This is a great opportunity for individuals who would like to move their data management and online infrastructure functionality a notch up towards the phenomenal and speedy experience of Cloud Computing.


25% Discount Offer on Click&Go Cloud


What is Cloudways (‘s) Click&Go Plan

Cloudways (‘s) Click&Go is more like a user friendly package as they can utilize and scale more than 100+ applications. These preconfigured applications are cloud ready, optimized and range from CMS, CRM, LMS, and business tools to developer tools. Developers can incorporate CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or CRM like SugarCRM and vTiger into their operations from the ready to deploy cloud application gallery. Users have choice to opt any of the 18 different IaaS to deploy their applications on, namely Amazon, RackSpace, GoGrid, SoftLayer and many others.


Click&Go Self Managed

One of the key features of Click&Go package is the Self Managed and the Fully Managed accounts. Self Managed, as the name suggests gives users the ability to personally deploy, test and run their websites through an easy to use management Console in simple cloud environment.

Click&Go Fully Managed

In Fully Managed, Support experts at Cloudways perform all the deployment, management tasks for you besides the constant monitoring and troubleshooting of your apps and sites. This is a plus factor of Click&Go package that allows users negligible concerns over administrative systems and excel more in their business.


Free Trial Account:

The added free trial period for both Self Managed and Fully Managed accounts on Click&Go package also allows users to get a firsthand experience of a fully functional cloud environment before they really subscribe to any of the paid packages. For more information regarding Click&Go package click here.


 On the other hand if you are a big business and have a larger website with the need outsource all your infrastructure level management on cloud we would suggest for you the PowerCloud package at Cloudways.


The new Discount promo of Cloudways at the Click&Go package can be a window of opportunity for individuals who pursue the profitable features of high availability, Security and especially scalability. These features of a customizable app rich environment of cloud, when incorporated into their business can grant them the heights of flawless functionality and knot success to each of their prospects. Click here to claim your Free Trial!


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Cloudways is a European MSP that provides custom cloud design, deployment and management solutions on leading cloud providers.

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