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17 Plugins for lock, stock, and barrel WordPress Security (Infographic)

Updated on  May 10, 2017

Reading Time: 1 minute

WordPress is the most popular CMS and there are no two thoughts about it. If we look at the latest version 3.6, we will find it being far better in security than its predecessors. Furthermore, together with webmasters getting more aware of making their website secure, incidents of WordPress sites getting hacked may decrease in the near future.

Though basic security precautions are worthwhile for individual bloggers, businesses need to make sure their WordPress site is secure enough to handle spam and malware attacks. This is why WordPress Plugin Directory is filled up with extensions that can help businesses safeguard their online reputation. We covered ten such essential security plugins a few months back in one of our blogpost.

Last month while working on our WordPress campaign, we came across a highly informative infographic by WPTemplate. It provides a mix of old and new WordPress plugins based on the number of times they are downloaded. Another reason to like it is because it covers all the dimensions of WordPress security including CAPTCHA, backups and scans. (Job well done, WPTemplate!)

Plus, we also developed an infographic on WordPress plugins based on how developers perceive them to be. Feel free to like and share both of these infographics. Also, let us know what plugins you prefer for security and productivity of your WordPress site.

WordPress Security Plugins




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