Click&Go Free Addon: Gmail SMTP For Email Delivery

by Pere Hospital  March 13, 2014

As promised, we have started providing convenience for our Click&Go users which we promised a few days back. So, we have begun with something which might be useful to many of our customers.


What is it for?

It is used to reliably sending emails from your server to your customers and it only works for outgoing email.

Why do I need it?

Public IPs in cloud servers change hands lots of time and can be in blacklist in some cases (depending on the usage someone did before). This means the email you send from your server to your customers can end up in the Spam folder. Using Gmail as a relay for your outgoing email will ensure that this doesn’t happen as emails are delivered from the Gmail SMTP on behalf of your server.

Who needs this add-on?

Anyone sending emails to their users or customers from his or her servers.

How do I install it?

Follow the simple steps outlined in this Knowledge Base entry to deploy this add-on to your server.

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About Pere Hospital

Pere Hospital (CISSP & OSCP) is the CTO and co-founder of Cloudways Ltd. He has over two decades of experience in IT Security, Risk Analysis and Virtualization Technologies. You can follow Pere on Twitter at @phospital and read his blog at

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  • Is this only for users of Google Apps for Business or for personal Gmail accounts also?

    • Yes, it will work with any Gmail account. It simply configures the system to use your Gmail account (be it business or personal) to deliver outgoing email (so server will deliver email to your Gmail account and Gmail to final recipient).

      Cloudways Team

  • I enabled the add-on using my Gmail login. Now what? I want to send and receive mail as Do I set that up as an “add another email address you own” in Gmail?